Tip #102: An Effective Patient Registration Policy

  1. Demographic and insurance information collected are and verified prior to or at the time of the appointment.
  2. All patients are registered in our practice management system for the purposes of billing, contracting, and data analysis.
  3. New patients are pre-registered via telephone or in person when scheduling their appointment.
  4. Information collected includes: name, address, home/work/cell phone, email address, approval to provide (secure and encrypted) patient payment information on the practice website, DOB, SS#, policy and group numbers, subscriber name and DOB, guarantor name/address, parent names/address.
  5. It is very important to obtain the guarantor’s email address along with their approval to provide access to their payment status on the practice web site.
  6. Front Desk ensures that all available information has been collected before the guarantor ends the call/leaves the office.
  7. All new patients are given (or directed to the practice website) a new patient information packet including but not limited to: practice brochure, no show policy, financial policy and new patient registration form.
  8. Prior to the visit, patient registration information is reviewed for missing information. Insurance is verified with the payer. Benefit eligibility is conducted. If coverage/benefits cannot be verified, patient is contacted within 48 hrs (combined with appointment reminder call). Patient is told that because coverage could not be verified, the appointment will be self-pay, unless patient can provide further information before the visit.
  9. New patient is fully registered 24 hours prior to visit. For same day visits, registration occurs upon check in.