Our Approach

  • Specialists: pediatric and only pediatric billing
  • Supportive: help your staff implement best practice protocols
  • Accessible: here when you need us
  • Flexible: customized billing workflow to accommodate your specific needs (not a cookie cutter approach)
  • Knowledgeable: Stay on top of industry trends and information


Most billing services attempt to be all things to all doctors.

PedsOne recognizes that we can best achieve industry-leading results by focusing on only one discipline.  We work only with pediatricians and we use exclusively pediatric-specific tools and software. We understand the unique needs of pediatricians – high volume, complex family billing arrangements, tight margin – and how important our billing work is to keep your practice viable.  One service, one specialty, one system, all pediatric specific.

PedsOne uses the award-winning, pediatric-specific billing and practice management software from PCC. Their system includes clinical tools – like the most sophisticated pediatric recall tool on the market – and a practice dashboard tool featuring a pediatric benchmarking tool unique to the industry.

Having such a sharply focused business model working on the industry-leading pediatric software system, allows us to be highly effective, which in turn, attracts awesomely talented billing specialists, which of course, leads to continued outstanding results.  We call this the PedsOne Success Flywheel.