Working for PedsOne

Our company culture is guided by three core principles:

  • Doing excellent work makes for brighter futures. Sounds lofty, but we believe that striving for excellence in our billing means that pediatricians can focus their attention on providing great care for their patients. When children are vibrant and healthy, anything is possible and we all sleep better knowing that the future is in good hands. We aim for excellence in our interactions with clients, vendors and co-workers alike. We do this by fostering mutual trust and respect.
  • Our staff is our most important investment and we make sure they know it.

         “PedsOne is a unique place to work because you are always made to feel appreciated…I never walk out of the office

          feeling like what I do goes unnoticed.” – Alex D. 


          “Even though I am a remote employee, I still feel COMPLETELY connected to everyone in the office in Vermont.

          I feel like Tim and the staff make sure that all remote employees feel included as part of the ‘family’ as much as

          possible.” – Anna S.


         “What makes PedsOne a unique place of employment? Having an employer who cares, truly cares about you and

          what is important to you.” – Donna C. 


         “…working for a company that has so many compassionate people, we are very well trained, taken care of and

          always rewarded for our accomplishments.” – Jenn A.


         “There are so many opportunities (at PedsOne) for your own success and growth, beyond billing.” – Tracy H.


        “At the end of the day, I’m really here for my clients. I absolutely love the work I do for them. Having a great team of

         coworkers and a generous boss who really wants his employees to succeed and be happy is just a

         bonus.” – Stephanie H.


  • Our success is measured by more than profit. We aim to be stewards of the community and world around us and we express this in many ways: local and national sponsorships, company matched individual contributions, a benefits plan that allows paid time off for community service, volunteerism, support for environmentally friendly actions and healthy lifestyle choices. PedsOne is also a member of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility.


With an in-depth mentor-guided training program, our collaborative learning environment offers a challenging and rewarding career for individuals seeking a merit-based compensation plan that includes a competitive salary and benefits package. If you are willing to work hard, have more fun, learn more, and feel more professionally fulfilled than ever before, apply here.