Our Partner

PCC LogoPedsOne offers a highly specialized and sophisticated billing solution combining the pediatric specialized software system used by a multitude of practices and continuously refined over the past 30 years.

It is one of our force multipliers – Partner by Physicians Computer Company (PCC). With PCC, we have access to the country’s largest database of pediatric-specific payer rules and the industry’s largest and most accessible collection of pediatric benchmark data. In addition, we at PedsOne are assured that our mutual clients are supported by outstandingly robust customer service.

  • Redundant data infrastructure
  • Industry leading system up time
  • On-site and online implementation
  • Ongoing system upgrades
  • Staff and provider training
  • New employee and provider training
  • Data Conversion
  • Real time rules updates
  • Provider-specific patient scheduling
  • Electronic eligibility verification
  • Customizable encounter forms
  • Structured charting
  • Pediatric-specific managed care reports
  • Easily accessible problem lists and patient histories
  • Immunization tracking
  • School forms
  • Automated patient handouts
  • Automatic physical tracking and patient handouts
  • Coding advice and information
  • Sophisticated patient recalling
  • Immediate real time benchmark reporting

Industry leading Pediatric EHR

PCC EHR is a pediatric-specific EHR designed with the input of hundreds of your pediatric peers. The powerful pediatric specialized electronic medical records, enables us to communicate effectively with your staff and third party payers. Clean claims and a specialty-specific rules engine will dramatically increase your bottom line.