Our Promise

Dear Provider,

Like many medical professionals, you probably face an array of challenges in today’s dynamic healthcare market. It is difficult to find and keep staff who are expert and up to date on pediatric regulations, rules, coding and trends. Constantly changing payer rules often make it time-consuming for your billing staff to keep up. Lost, denied and unworked claims significantly impact your practice’s income. Lack of accurate data leaves you at a disadvantage during planning and payer negotiations. The healthcare industry continues to force you to do more with less.

In my view, such challenges and those to come can best be overcome by pediatric practices who utilize services and systems that are best in class, constantly improving, and pediatric specialized.

I understand that if we support your practice with timely pediatric industry trend information, if we provide you with immediately accessible pediatric benchmarking data, if the platform on which you run your billing is a finely tuned intelligent system, and if your billing process is expertly managed by top-notch professionals, then quality care can be more easily delivered and doctors and staff will have a rewarding professional experience.

To compliment our pediatric expertise, we maintain a cohesive relationship with our system vendor- PCC (Physicians Computer Company), which makes for more successful billing results.

In-depth pediatric knowledge and expertise, broad-based timely support, uniquely cohesive relationships, accessible, timely and meaningful information and best-in-class systems – this is PedsOne.

You make brighter futures, we make sure you get fairly paid for it- this is the PedsOne promise.

Tim Rushford