Our Team of Experts

Zane Manley

Senior Billing Specialist

Prior to joining the PedsOne Team, Zane worked as a food service manager in 3 different assisted living and skilled nursing retirement communites. He found that his interest lay in the healthcare aspects of those positions rather than the food service side, so he changed careers and began working in a hospital setting, where he started as a patient registrar, and advanced to a senior management role.

Zane enjoys ensuring that PedsOne clients are being reimbursed, to the fullest extent possible, for the services they provide their patients. He also enjoys helping parents navigate their insurance systems, leaving no stone unturned to make sure they are not left responsible for any outstanding items that they shouldn’t be.

In his spare time, Zane enjoys cooking, skiing, traveling, and spending time with his dog. He did go to culinary school prior to his foray into healthcare, so experimenting in the kitchen has always been fun for him since he was very young.