Our Team of Experts

Lisa Wilson

Team Lead

Lisa was born in Irving, Texas during what was recorded as the hottest day in the middle of a Texas heat wave.  She is married and has two boys, Dylan and Jaxon.  They keep her and her husband very busy – most days, they feel like Uber drivers.

Lisa comes from a background of medical billing.  She started in the OBGYN field in her senior year in high school, enrolled in the work program, and has continued ever since.  After years working in that field, she decided to take a job as a practice manager in pediatrics and the rest is history.  She fell in love with pediatrics.  After her practice was bought out by Cook Children’s Hospital, she was introduced to PedsOne by Mark Johnson from PCC and was offered a position to become part of the PedsOne family.  This was her dream – to work remotely in a field she loves so much.

What she didn’t know was that her first day with PedsOne would be the day the world shut down due to COVID.  She will never forget how challenging, yet how exciting it was to overcome the new transition during the pandemic, but also how smoothly everything fell into place.  Her journey through life has been interesting and she’s excited to see where it goes from here!