Our Team of Experts

Judith Rice

Billing Specialist

Judith has worked in the medical administration field for 9 years of which the past 6 have been in Pediatrics. Prior to her transition to PedsOne, she was the Practice Coordinator for a Pediatric Specialties practice at one of the largest trauma hospitals in upstate New York. Becoming a Billing Specialist with PedsOne has been one of her most fulfilling career decisions. It has allowed her to continue working in a field that she is passionate about but has also given her more time to be with her family through the flexibility of working from home. 

PedsOne has allowed her to build up her medical billing knowledge and implement skills acquired throughout her career. The best part has been the sense of mutual respect and encouragement from her colleagues. Her fellow teammates have been so welcoming and helpful by taking the time to thoroughly explain protocols and procedures and provide her with different tools that would help her succeed in her role. Her leaders also keep an open dialogue with the entire team and she appreciates how they listen to the needs, concerns, and ideas of the employees.

Besides spending time with her family, Judith also enjoys cooking, baking, crafting, reading, watching movies, shopping and listening to music. When the weather allows, she enjoys taking walks, riding her bike and swimming. Judith is fluent in French and has played the piano for 8 years. She hopes to visit France and Italy someday.