Our Team of Experts

Christine Patterson, CPEDC

Team Lead

Christine has been a dedicated worker since middle school. She found her calling several years ago in the healthcare industry, a long way from delivering the local newspaper.

She is an ambitious and intelligent person. Always eager to learn, Christine went from the front desk of a Urology office to managing a Chiropractic practice in just a few years. Her passion for the operational tasks and accounting related to a medical practice led her to a “Dream Job” formula.  For Christine, PedsOne has every “Must Have” on her dream job list.

Now that her family is complete and her children are older, Christine decided to move back to Vermont from Florida. Both she and her husband grew up here, down the street from each other. Alongside her love for structure and numbers, Christine also has a creative side. She makes handmade cards, is a design member for a stamping company, and she has a growing YouTube channel.