Our Team of Experts

Lisa Morgan

Billing Specialist

Lisa brings 21 years Medical Billing experience to PedsOne, 15 of which were as a Senior Team Lead in Opthamology and Radiology. She has a thirst to learn, giving her a strong knowledge and understanding of the entire billing revenue cycle.

Her favorite part about her role at PedsOne is working challenging accounts, and she finds it extremely satisfying to get top reimbursement for our clients on their claims. 

Lisa and her husband are native New Englanders, and their passion for the great outdoors brought them to Colorado in 2001. They settled in their home on the river and love spending time fly-fishing in their own backyard, as well as reading, playing with their niece and gathering around the campfire with family and friends. They also love to hike Rocky Mountain National Park

They are parents to 5 beautiful cats that hold a special place in their hearts.