Our Team of Experts

Karin Sherman

Patient Account Specialist

Karin was our very first remote employee. She works with us from Denver, Colorado.

Before coming to PedsOne she was the Office Manager for a pediatrics practice. She was with this practice from the day it opened until the day the doctor retired 30 years later.

Karin enjoys the fact that she has seen medical billing come so far since she began in the industry. She remembers using ledgers and copy machines for monthly statements, and when most families had traditional “80/20” insurance plans. Now, she is amazed at the advancements. From computerized billing to Health Saving Accounts.

Most of Karin’s family are involved in pediatrics. Her husband, son, and son-in-law, and even some extended family. She has four grandchildren that she enjoys visiting regularly and expects that at least one of them will also go into pediatrics some day.