Our Team of Experts

Jaimie Metivier, CPCO

Team Lead

Jaimie has joined our team after nearly 15 years at the University of Vermont Medical Center. She handled operations in the Endocrinology Department there.

Once her daughter was born, she began to reflect on what she really wanted out of life. This included her personal ambitions and career goals. Jaimie decided to seek out a career at a company whose mission aligned with her own values. The goal being, an amazing culture, work-life balance, and to be surrounded by hard-working, dedicated co-workers in the medical field. She is grateful to have found fulfilment with us and will continue to set goals for herself within PedsOne.

Born in the state of Vermont, Jaimie enjoys the beautiful views and changing seasons this land has to offer. A true laborious worker, even in the summer, Jaimie and her family split their time in the summer between yard work and visiting a nearby pond, where they kayak, boat, swim and fish.