Our Team of Experts

Heidi Marsano

Billing Specialist

Heidi came to PedsOne from a practice management position in a busy office that specialized in TMJ, sleep therapy, and airway orthodontics.  In that position, she perfected her skills in many areas, including billing, coding, contracts, and patient financing.

Heidi’s knowledge of the revenue cycle and business as a whole is further enhanced by her experience managing her own personal training business for nine years.  Her attention to detail and consistency helped her keep her profitable business thriving and PedsOne is lucky to have those skills spill over into her position as a billing specialist at PedsOne.

At home, Heidi enjoys spending time with her family.  Her favorite things to do after a long day at the office are lifting weights and cooking nutritious meals.  In the summer, you can find her on the hiking trails and in her gardens.