Our Team of Experts

Dalia Rosario

Billing Specialist

Dalia joins PedsOne from Sanford, FL where she loves spending time with her husband, family and friends. She enjoys taking vacations and exploring new states and different places around the world.

Having over 18 years experience working in the medical billing field with knowledge in many different specialties including radiology, podiatry and pain management, Dalia has been able to view the full picture of the revenue cycle and put her expertise to work.

Dalia is inspired and happy to be a part of a team of experts who consistently build each other up and share the most up to date information in an ever changing field. Here she has quickly felt welcomed and supported by her fellow teammates, as everyone has a great ‘teamwork attitude’! Knowing that she’s part of making an impact on the care of children is one of her favorite things about working at PedsOne.