Working for PedsOne

PedsOne is the only company of its kind in the country, based in Winooski, Vermont.

People who work with us or for us know that our culture is made up of three things:

  • Make a better future: by doing excellent work. Sounds lofty, but we believe our uncompromising standards for excellence in our work as billing specialists means that pediatricians can then provide better care for children. When children are vibrant and healthy, anything is possible and we all sleep better knowing that the future is in good hands. This also means we strive to be excellent with our co-workers and vendors and we do that by fostering mutual trust, respect and integrity.
  • Nourish 360: A commitment to do awesome work is challenging and requires that we cultivate and sustain all parts of us – our mind by continuous learning, our body by living healthy, our heart by having fun. This is how we refuel our various tanks. All work and no play makes for a pretty boring life.
  • Be of service: We aim to be stewards of the community and world around us. We reach out, support and give back because we acknowledge that we are at our best when of service to others.

PedsOne provides complete billing services to pediatric medical practices throughout the US. If you are an experienced medical biller or coder interested in working with a dynamic, one-of-a-kind, socially responsible company, please see our Apply For A Job section of our Careers page.

Our unique learning environment offers a challenging and rewarding career for individuals seeking a merit-based compensation plan that includes a competitive salary and benefits package.

If you are willing to work hard, have more fun, learn more, and be more professionally fulfilled than ever before, read on.