Pediatric Coding

Frequently Used Codes

V20.31 Well Check  anyone under the age of 28 days 
V20.2 Well Check anyone 28 days – 18  years old 
V70.0 Well Check anyone 19+ years old
V70.3 Physical Sports or School-Required
314.01 ADHD Visits  require this dx code as the primary diagnosis code 
278.01 Weight Check – Obesity need this before the BMI code if BMI is greater than 95%
278.02 Weight Check – Overweight   need this before the BMI code if BMI is under 95%
96110 Development Testing done at the 9m, 18m, 24m, 30m visits
V65.5 Parental Concern a good diagnosis code for any visit that does not have an actual diagnosis

* Office visits require the modifier -25 if done during a Well Child Check 

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