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    Above and beyond billing.

    Pediatric billing expertise leaves you free to care for your patients.

  • Pediatric billing is what we do.

    Working on the premier pediatric software system, PedsOne is a medical billing service devoted solely to pediatricians.

  • Always the A Team

    We hire two types of employees - very experienced medical billing professionals and very, very experienced medical billing professionals.
  • Best Systems

    We've combined our sophisticated billing solution with the only Pediatric-specific software system.
  • Data Driven Advice

    At PedsOne, we heavily rely on the use of data to identify opportunities to enhance our clients’ revenue cycle performance.
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Premiere Pediatrics of Beverly Hills found themselves in transition to a new practice management system and short handed in their billing department. They preferred to keep billing in house butmore

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Q: I am wondering if you have some form of a letter to explain to the insurance companies why they should pay for the FeNO test (CPT code 95012)? Many companies, especially BCBS, say that it is an "investigational" procedure and deny payments for the service. Thanks.


According to an industry guide we use, Nitric oxide expired gas determination (95012), or the measurement of eNO, has not been assigned a physician work RVU. Therefore, this would bemore

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In February 2018, we moved our office across the rotary to the VSAC building in Winooski. Our new address is 10 East Allen St. Suite 100, Winooski VT 05404. Wemore

“We've been very happy with PedsOne. You have brought a high level of analysis and professionalism to the billing process that is tailored to our pediatric practice. In fact, PedsOne has gone above and beyond, supplying us with a level of support that helps us maximize every aspect of our practice management- from staffing decisions, to patient service and best practices, as well as revenue production- all in a timely and responsive manner. The return has been immediate and significant. We are a more efficient, smarter practice thanks to PedsOne.”
Katherine Hough, MD, Pediatrics on Hudson